When people here on the FOXSports blogs insult me, be it personally or based on what I've said, I usually let it roll off my back and just respond to clarify anything I've said.

However, I take exception today when FlyingPig recently left a comment on MatthewAMorrison's blog, titled, "The Idea of the Babe."

It is no secret that FlyingPig and I do not see eye-to-eye, but not once have I ever stepped out of line with him, while he has frequently resorted to elementary-level insults, laden with words he'd hate to hear his kids say. Go through my blog archives and read any of my articles that are more politically charged, and see how he acts when someone expresses an opinion that differs from his. And I think every single tenured blogger here knows what I am talking about when I say this.

I will grant him this -- he didn't use any curse words in his latest comment. But I'm tired of this two-bit hypocrite attacking me, and then pointing the finger at me when I respond. He accuses me of being argumentative, but he's always picking fights with me and disrupting this blogosphere. He's told me not to address him, or to comment on his blogs, and I have complied with his wishes over the last three months or so. But I guess it's not against the rules for him to address me?

I'm going to show the entire blogosphere how immature this ex-Navy, 40-something, father and husband really is, and why he ruins this blogosphere. This is without even mentioning that almost all of his blogs mention the word "poop" in some way, often multiple times. That's a great example to set for your kids -- talk about poop all the time. A lot of his earlier blogs are about why things "suck." I won't be surprised if his kids have to repeat third grade multiple times. Bad genes.

It's funny that someone who wrote a blog called "My Bloggers Right to Disagree" spends so much time trying to prevent me from speaking my opinion; so much time creating an echo chamber for himself only to reinforce his beliefs because they can't stand the test of being challenged.

He wrote a blog in response to one I wrote on Pat Tillman. He called his "Pat Tillman: Courage of a Hero" and in the comments, he writes, "As I can respect [UltraMega]OK's right to speak or write his opinion, I do not have to respect his message."

Then, he creates a strawman argument (his forte), saying, "You wrote your blog to gain comments, argue and hide behind your little keyboard with the simple motivation of getting a contraversial [sic] response."

More gems from that blog:

"If you post again here, I will delete it so don't waste your time."

"I also felt that rather than people getting worked up and commenting negatively to your post, that I would give them an alternative. I provided a post that would champion Pat Tillman and solicit positive feelings instead of the adversary feelings that you seem all to happy to invoke." (Looks ironic in contrast to his recent comment on MatthewAMorrison's blog)

"Find out how many people you can enrage with your comments...then sit back in YOUR swivel chair and celebrate your victory over all those people that DIDN'T want to come here to compare their political agendas." (Another strawman argument telling me what I believe in and my motivations)

In his blog, "The Star Spangled Banner, Baseball and America " (another response to a blog I've written), he writes, "I donít know how the FOX SPORTS BLOG community has to become a sounding board for some peopleís agendas" (also ironic, since he refers to me as "the 1%"). It is just a giant personal attack and another strawman argument, as evidenced:

The blogger in question is no secret or surprise to anyone. He has used his Anti-American rhetoric for as long as I have been blogging. He finds himself a barrel of $hit and the biggest stick he can find and stirs it up. Then he runs away for a little bit only to return to find a bigger stick. He laughs at us as we stand around the barrel getting some of that $hit slopped out onto us. He demands that we respect his point of view and opinion as he ridicules ours. He points fingers at each and every one of us regardless of our agreement or disagreement to the very points heís making.

Then when our annoyance and irritation is at a peak level with him. He writes a nice blog about a life long minor league ball player or his ten favorite baseball players or who will win the NFC East. He is a master at alienating us and then pulling us back in. Face it, we all feel sympathy and pity for this person. How can one person actually be so cynical and paranoid. Maybe if I befriend him, he will understand that people are not out to get him.

Even more:

I refuse to post a comment on his blog ever again. I will not say his name on my blog. I would only ask that all of the bloggers out here that believe in America the way that I do, Please stop posting comments on his blog. Comments to him are like Viagra to Raffy Palmeiro. Do not encourage his anti-American rhetoric. Do not give him a reason to believe that we, here in Sports Blog Land, want to hear about his latest flag burning party. Donít tell him heís young and naÔve because it only fills him with more hatred and venom. Donít agree with him because he will try to make you one of his minions or followers. Go ahead and read what he has to say, soak it in, be thankful that your life is not so full of negativity and self absorbed narcissism. Understand that he is the self proclaimed knower of all things and is never wrong. His opinion can never be swayed no matter the silliness of his argument.

When his plagiarism of Ray Comfort was brought up, he replied, "I will continue to use definitions without naming sources, just so they are aware of it. In fact, I will only name my sources when I feel like it...How do you think they'll like them apples?"

So, he pretty much admits that he plagiarized, and shows no remorse for it, despite the fact that he went through my blog (on which he plagiarized Ray Comfort) and deleted those comments in question.

Later in the comments, he refers to me and fellow (and recently absent) blogger NorthSider:

I only HOPE that they get to that point some day. It is obvious that they have no clue of how things truly are. I can see them both (maybe the same person) rubbing pimple cream into their adolescent faces, standing at the bus stop with their book bags chock full of the latest Batman Comic books, pants a little short, rushing home after school to jerg-off to internet porn just before logging onto the blog to stir the great big barrell of $hit.

Another gem:

UM - FU!!! I don't care what you think. I don't have to back up my opinion. I don't need facts for my opinion. I think you're a momma's boy. I think you cower in the face of any real life adversity. I think you get your kicks out of poking helpless animals with a stick. I think you didn't get your a$$ whopped by your daddy when you were growing up. I think you haven't had to work for a freaking thing that you have. I think that you haven't traveled outside of the state you live in with the possible exception of Disney World or some other family vacation.

Why do you continue to be a D!CK? I don't want to talk to you. I don't want to hear your opinion. I don't care what you think. You're like a piece of chewing gum stuck to the bottom of my shoe.

He refers to me as a "D!CK" or an "A$$hole" or something similar (notice his crafty evasion of the vulgarity filters -- what a great standard set by a 45-year-old husband and father, huh?) throughout the blog. I'd list them, but there are so many instances that this blog would end up being too long (not that it isn't already).


I would rather he stop commenting on this blog. But he just loves to argue. He won't stop. He doesn't care that I don't care one ratz A$$ what his opinion is. He is like the Energizer Bunny. He should be out looking for a job but instead he is in Mom and Dad's basement waiting for dad to get home from work so he can borrow the car to go cruise High School Parking lots.

Then he deletes NorthSider's comments, and justifies them thus:

Sorry Northsider, I had to delete your comment. You can't use that kind of language on my blog. Only me and whomever I say can use that kind of language on my blog. Stop being a D!CK on my blog.

And that's only the light end of his hypocrisy. Later on, he deletes a few of my responses:

Sorry LSUFAN - I had to delete his comment. I have taken away his freedom of speech on my blog. And in true UM fashion, I am protesting his blog by boycotting it. I will not be visiting his blog and if I had a little cyber picket sign, it would say "Stop being a D!CK".

I truly think that the youngster just needs to get laid. OH, and with a real person, not one of those inflatable dolls.

Getting old, yet? Remember, I'm only quoting two blogs.

Rather than bore everyone reading this by going through the countless other blogs he's attacked me on, I'll skip right to today, where he says, in true hypocritical fashion on MatthewAMorrison's "The Idea of The Babe":

rtl1515 - You have amazing stamina and I commend you for your dogged efforts to prove your points. I understood EVERY ONE of your points and I believe that you have "HANDS DOWN" won this battle on points with two knockdowns. The person that you are arguing with...I refer to as..."The 1%".

I have had go-arounds with the 1% many MANY times and I have coined the phrase "Chasing My Tail". There is no way to find a happy medium. There is no way to concede points with him. He will continue to say one thing and send you off to a web site that proves nothing. The 1% also champions the burning of the American Flag, Thinks George Bush orchastrated the 9/11 attacks, wants the U.S. to adopt a Socialist Constitution, thinks that 5th graders should be able to have consensual sex and has no problem with humans and animals performing lewd acts.

RTL - You will not get him to stop. You are like heroine or crack to him. YOU'RE PAYING ATTENTION TO HIM!!! Most everyone else just ignores him now. Just thought I'd fill you in.

I don't expect to get any positive feedback nor any support for this blog. I feel bad writing it and I'll feel worse once I click "Post to Blog," but it has to be done. I'm tired of his hypocrisy, immaturity, illogic, and intolerance.

And I could just as easily have included the immaturity of other bloggers on here, but I think my point has been made. The tenured bloggers here run this place like a clique; a Republican propaganda bastion (and a liberal-bashing bastion), where they try to run out of town anyone expressing sentiment they disagree with. Those of you who took the time to read this far know exactly who and what I'm talking about.

This blogosphere needs to stop being so polarizing; it needs to be more accepting of differing opinions, of debate, of rational discourse.

Before I end this, I'd like to respond to a comment made by rtl1515 on "The Idea of the Babe." He says, "The only evidence he believes is true, is his own beliefs. You can cite any number of books and articles with him and it just does not matter."

The one thing I have always prided myself on is transparency. When I say something, you can easily look it up and verify it, if I have not already shown you that my information is cited and verified. Most of the bloggers here have recognized that in comments on my blog, even those who frequently disagree with me.

And no blogger can say that I've been immature. The furthest I go with insults is calling someone ignorant. I always stick to the topic, not to the blog or comments' authors.

So, that's it. FlyingPig is a poison to this blogosphere, and it's very obvious. His intolerance is infectious, his immaturity a poor example, and his hypocrisy the epitome of his being. I tire of it. And so should you.

In true FlyingPig fashion, I will be deleting any comments that do not agree with me.