Triple ACE 444 (4:46:21 AM): Hey, it's C-Lo from TSL
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:46:05 AM): Hi
Triple ACE 444 (4:46:52 AM): We really don't have the same thoughts about Bonds
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:47:30 AM): No kidding
Triple ACE 444 (4:49:10 AM): Do you really think that watching Bonds is like listening to Beethoven
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:48:50 AM): Yes, I do
Triple ACE 444 (4:50:41 AM): Sure, he had a 40/40 season, which if I remember was before he was big but, hitting 73 after hitting around 40 the previous year and the year afterwards, that doesn't seem 'strange' to you?
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:51:02 AM): No, lots of players have one great season in comparison to the rest
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:51:41 AM): Jimmie Foxx went from 30 HR to 58
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:51:54 AM): that's almost a 100% increase
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:52:07 AM): Brady Anderson went from 12 to 50
Triple ACE 444 (4:52:54 AM): I believe Anderson took 'Roids
Triple ACE 444 (4:53:00 AM): THats rediculous
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:52:34 AM): The increase in his numbers is ancillary evidence of steroid use
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:52:40 AM): You have to have a pre-conceived notion
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:52:43 AM): For them to be "proof"
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:53:00 AM): From an objective standpoint, Bonds' numbers don't show anything more than that he had a great season
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:53:02 AM): Ruthian
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:53:12 AM): Bonds is better than Ruth
Triple ACE 444 (4:53:43 AM): A great season...?
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:53:26 AM): 2001 was a great season, no?
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:53:37 AM): It wasn't even his best, by the way
Triple ACE 444 (4:54:09 AM): That season was a record-breaking season
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:53:45 AM):
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:53:48 AM): Look at his OPS+
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:53:54 AM): 262 in '01
Triple ACE 444 (4:54:24 AM): I am already there
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:53:59 AM): 275 in '02
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:54:16 AM): Counting statistics are misleading
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:54:27 AM): He had 70 more AB in '01
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:54:39 AM): 21 less walks
Triple ACE 444 (4:55:13 AM): Look from his rookie season up to '95, he had one season were he had 40+ homers
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:54:50 AM): That doesn't mean a thing
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:54:52 AM): Players get better
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:54:55 AM): They gain experience
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:54:59 AM): They mature
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:55:14 AM): I don't care who you are, steroids aren't going to make you win the MVP award 7 times
Triple ACE 444 (4:55:50 AM): THen from '96 to '99 he had low 40s to mid-30s
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:55:25 AM): Doesn't mean a thing
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:55:30 AM): You're not looking at it objectively
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:55:33 AM): You're biased
Triple ACE 444 (4:56:10 AM): Mabey so
Triple ACE 444 (4:56:50 AM): After '99 he had mid- 40s and a record-setting season up until his injury
Triple ACE 444 (4:57:07 AM): After that he hasn't been the same
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:56:44 AM): Old age?
Triple ACE 444 (4:57:29 AM): He was old in '04
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:56:59 AM): He doesn't have any fluid in his knees
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:57:06 AM): In '04 he still had fluid in his knees
Triple ACE 444 (4:57:50 AM): The injury changed him
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:57:25 AM): Yes...
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:57:28 AM): No...
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:57:29 AM): Fluid
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:57:32 AM): In his knees
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:57:40 AM): He has to get injections
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:57:43 AM): LEGAL injections
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:57:49 AM): Which, by the way, are just as performance-enhancing as steroids
Triple ACE 444 (4:58:43 AM): According to your article or site, whatever it was, anything can be performanc-enhancing
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:58:17 AM): Yes sir
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:58:20 AM): Tylenol
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:58:23 AM): Cortizone shots
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:58:30 AM): Protein shakes
Triple ACE 444 (4:59:01 AM): Which I can believe, some more than others though, I think
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:58:36 AM): You can't quantify it
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:58:39 AM): It depends on the person
Triple ACE 444 (4:59:29 AM): Steroids may be more performance enhansing then a protein shake
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:59:02 AM): If steroids are so performance-enhancing, what of Alex Sanchez, then? Of Jorge Piedra?
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:59:14 AM): If anything, steroids are LESS performance-enhancing
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:59:20 AM): You mentioned that steroids made Bonds slow
Triple ACE 444 (4:59:56 AM): As you said, they work differently
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:59:30 AM): They sure do
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:59:36 AM): And you can't quantify it
Triple ACE 444 (5:00:08 AM): Roid's may have maken Bonds slow
Triple ACE 444 (5:00:13 AM): Slower*
UltraMegaOK1988 (4:59:51 AM): Good, you finally inserted the "may"
Triple ACE 444 (5:00:52 AM): I believe, according to the stats, Bonds took steroids after the '99 Season
Triple ACE 444 (5:01:04 AM): Which was his last season with 20+ steals
Triple ACE 444 (5:01:22 AM): after that, his speed steadily decreased, while power arguably went up
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:01:02 AM): So did his age
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:01:10 AM): Look at any base-stealer
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:01:17 AM): They hit a wall in their mid-30's
Triple ACE 444 (5:02:00 AM): I don't believe Henderson did
Triple ACE 444 (5:02:06 AM): I would have to check though
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:01:36 AM): You're cherry-picking
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:01:40 AM): The exception is not the rule
Triple ACE 444 (5:02:29 AM): Lofton can still steal a base
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:02:07 AM): So can Bonds
Triple ACE 444 (5:02:40 AM): He is what, 39
Triple ACE 444 (5:02:58 AM): Bonds cannot steal as well as he could
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:02:31 AM): Neither can Lofton
Triple ACE 444 (5:03:13 AM): But Lofton can still do it consistantly
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:02:50 AM): On a much smaller scale
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:02:58 AM): And, once again, you're cherry-picking
Triple ACE 444 (5:03:38 AM): Bonds, if he is lucky can get double-digit steals any more
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:03:14 AM): He's not there to steal bases anymore
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:03:16 AM): He's a cleanup hitter
Triple ACE 444 (5:04:16 AM): With a low average
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:04:15 AM): Batting average is a terrible metric
Triple ACE 444 (5:05:10 AM): You would rather go to OB% then, I am sure
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:04:45 AM): Yes, sir
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:04:52 AM): Which Bonds leads the MLB in by a considerable margin
Triple ACE 444 (5:05:28 AM): I would have thought so
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:05:02 AM): And he's up in Rodriguez/Ordonez land in OPS
Triple ACE 444 (5:05:46 AM): Of course, when you get walked so much, it's easy to lead the league
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:05:25 AM): You say that like it's a bad thing
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:05:29 AM): He's the most feared hitter in the game, still
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:05:34 AM): And he still has the best set of eyes at the plate
Triple ACE 444 (5:06:30 AM): It's not having good discipline at the plate
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:06:23 AM): 96 walks in 84 games isn't having good discipline?
Triple ACE 444 (5:06:59 AM): It is simply that he is the most feared hitter, I agree with you on this, witch is the reason for most of his walks-intentional
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:06:40 AM): 30 intentional walks
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:06:47 AM): Out of 95
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:06:51 AM): That's less than one-third
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:06:54 AM): Not "most"
Triple ACE 444 (5:07:48 AM): As we both said, he is the most feared hitter, he is not going to get pitched in the zone as much as others
Triple ACE 444 (5:08:03 AM): H egets pitched arround and gets pitched on the corners and edges
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:07:47 AM): And the fact that he has 19 HR at age 43, and no one pitches to him
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:07:49 AM): That is magnificent
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:08:00 AM): By the way, Bonds averages almost 4 pitches per plate appearance
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:08:07 AM): The leader sees 4.34
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:08:10 AM): Johnny Damon
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:08:15 AM): Bonds still has great plate discipline
Triple ACE 444 (5:09:04 AM): I guess, I looked at it wrong-discipline wise
Triple ACE 444 (5:09:18 AM): To get pitched so close and hold the bat, I guess is good discipline
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:08:55 AM): It's excellent
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:09:02 AM): No one commands the strike zone the way he does
Triple ACE 444 (5:09:54 AM): Damon averages so many because he fouls a lot of pitches, Bonds just stands there and takes
Triple ACE 444 (5:10:08 AM): Then when he is done, he takes some more
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:09:42 AM): I hope you're not insinuating that that is a bad thing
Triple ACE 444 (5:10:24 AM): No
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:09:58 AM): Great
Triple ACE 444 (5:11:10 AM): It's not a bad thing, your supposed to take some pitches, the fact that he gets walked so much, I do not like
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:10:47 AM): Walks are great
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:10:56 AM): They're singles without the possibility of exciting first-to-thirds
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:11:08 AM): And without the strenuous jaunt down the first base line
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:11:25 AM): They force the pitcher to throw pitches; tire him
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:11:35 AM): They show the batters behind him what the pitcher has to offer
Triple ACE 444 (5:12:11 AM): For someone who is as close as he is to a record so important, let him break it already so we won't have to hear about this shit, it gets boring
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:11:52 AM): They're not going to serve him meatballs
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:12:05 AM): That's almost as stupid as suggesting they walk him every single time he steps to the plate
Triple ACE 444 (5:12:43 AM): I don't mean like that, just give him pitches to hit
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:12:20 AM): It's baseball, not ping-pong
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:12:30 AM): The pitchers are there to win games
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:12:34 AM): Not worry about individual records
Triple ACE 444 (5:13:44 AM): You don't see pitchers pitching like this to a lot of other hitters, intentionaly walking them, or pitching them on the corners of the strike zone, some pitchers go right after guys and over-power them
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:13:35 AM): Because the hitters can be overpowered
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:13:36 AM): Bonds can't
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:13:39 AM): He's too good, still
Triple ACE 444 (5:14:31 AM): Some pitchers use there 'stuff' to get them out, pitchers know he won't swing as balls most of the time, yet they still pitch him like they do
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:14:21 AM): I don't understand what you're driving at
Triple ACE 444 (5:15:31 AM): I am saying, the record is going to get broken, how unfortunate it may be, give him a chance at breaking it and let it be over with
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:15:17 AM): Again, the pitchers are there to win games; to attempt to get Bonds out
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:15:37 AM): If they're going to go easy on him so he can achieve his record, they may as well not even bother showing up to take the field
Triple ACE 444 (5:16:51 AM): To get Bonds out, obviously not if they pitch out of the zone so consistantly and try to get Bonds to chase, as you drove at, he has good discipline
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:16:47 AM): Some managers and coaches feel they put their team in a winning position by putting him on first base rather than throwing around the plate
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:17:03 AM): While it's actually not, most managers don't look at stuff like a Run Expectancy Matrix
Triple ACE 444 (5:17:56 AM): A free base-runner or a home-run
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:17:30 AM):
Triple ACE 444 (5:18:09 AM): You also have to look at what is inbetween
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:17:36 AM): That's the REM, if you're interested
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:18:28 AM): I don't agree with intentionally walking anyone unless there's a much better matchup to be had
Triple ACE 444 (5:19:29 AM): I don't understand what the chart is trying to explain
Triple ACE 444 (5:19:40 AM): I agree with you about intentionally walking
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:19:08 AM): It's the percentage that runners score in the various situations
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:19:13 AM): 000 is bases empty
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:19:16 AM): 003 is runner on third
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:19:19 AM): 020 is runner on second
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:19:24 AM): 023 is runners on second and third
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:19:30 AM): 100 is runner on first
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:19:33 AM): 103 is first and third
Triple ACE 444 (5:20:06 AM): Okay
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:19:36 AM): 120 first and second
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:19:38 AM): 123 bases loaded
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:19:51 AM): And you know what the columns are
Triple ACE 444 (5:20:28 AM): Yeah
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:20:27 AM): So, intentionally walking a runner with no outs -- 90% of the time prior in that season, the runner scored
Triple ACE 444 (5:21:36 AM): It says 52%
Triple ACE 444 (5:21:44 AM): Wers 90% come from
Triple ACE 444 (5:21:53 AM): Nvm
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:21:21 AM): You're right, I was looking at it wrong
Triple ACE 444 (5:22:07 AM): When you walk, the runner goes to frst
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:21:47 AM): Yeah, but it describes the situation prior to the action
Triple ACE 444 (5:22:30 AM): Okay, I see it now, 52% with 1 Out
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:22:22 AM): That chart also disproves the fallacy of the sacrifice bunt
Triple ACE 444 (5:23:05 AM): Yeah, it does describe prior to the situation
Triple ACE 444 (5:23:49 AM): The sac bunt isn't going to score unless a runner on third with none or 1 out, the occasional runner from second may score via an error
Triple ACE 444 (5:24:38 AM): But that would be unearned...anyway with no one on, Bonds would have to hit a Home Run in order to score which he is clearly capible of doing
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:24:21 AM): Or he could hit a double
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:24:31 AM): Have someone drive him in
Triple ACE 444 (5:25:07 AM): Yes, possibly
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:24:50 AM): 10 doubles to go along with those 19 HR
Triple ACE 444 (5:25:46 AM): For someone of his age and speed, I guess so
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:25:45 AM): He'll be 43 on Tuesday, and it's amazing that a 43-year-old has a .502 OBP and a .587 SLG
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:25:56 AM): Undoubtedly the only 42-year-old to do that
Triple ACE 444 (5:26:33 AM): I guess so, yea
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:26:11 AM): And, as you said, he's probably off steroids (assuming he was ever on them)
Triple ACE 444 (5:26:52 AM): Yes
Triple ACE 444 (5:27:08 AM): Also, as I said, you keep 80% of the muscle gained from the 'Roids
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:26:41 AM): Is that medically proven?
Triple ACE 444 (5:27:38 AM): Not that I am aware of, I guess as you said, they are different for everyone
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:27:18 AM): Yeah, it sounds like an arbitrary number
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:27:21 AM): And way too high
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:27:31 AM): Steroids actually deteriorate the body in the long-term
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:27:36 AM): So you wouldn't keep close to 80%
Triple ACE 444 (5:28:11 AM): That was straight from Canseco's book
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:27:51 AM): I wouldn't use Juiced as gospel
Triple ACE 444 (5:28:30 AM): He experimented with all types of 'Roids, performance Enhancers and so on
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:28:19 AM): You're going to trust someone who knowingly deceived you for 10-15 years?
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:28:30 AM): Over licensed doctors?
Triple ACE 444 (5:29:08 AM): He came out truthfuly
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:28:40 AM): He still deceived you, no?
Triple ACE 444 (5:29:19 AM): Yes
Triple ACE 444 (5:29:25 AM): Well, not reallyt
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:28:57 AM): Did he break the rules?
Triple ACE 444 (5:29:33 AM): Everyone knew he took 'Roids
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:29:07 AM): I sure didn't
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:29:17 AM): And I followed and still follow baseball as close as anyone
Triple ACE 444 (5:29:54 AM): You didn't? 
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:29:30 AM): We had no idea about steroids
Triple ACE 444 (5:30:07 AM): You couldn't tell, he looked like a body-builder
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:29:36 AM): Nothing about McGwire, Sosa, Bonds
Triple ACE 444 (5:30:19 AM): Sosa, had a corked bat
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:29:46 AM): Again, that's ancillary evidence
Triple ACE 444 (5:30:22 AM): not steroids
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:30:02 AM): He's among the accused in the steroids witchhunt
Triple ACE 444 (5:30:40 AM): When someone goes from a child to a body-builder...
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:30:12 AM): Still ancillary evidence
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:30:17 AM): They can build the muscle any number of ways
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:30:20 AM): Not just steroids
Triple ACE 444 (5:31:05 AM): From little to huge
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:30:35 AM): Doesn't matter
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:30:50 AM): Once again, you believe it is proof because you arrive at a conclusion first and then find facts to support it
Triple ACE 444 (5:31:31 AM): And as far as I am concerned, Sosa used a corced bat, not 'roids
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:30:59 AM): Objectively, you find the facts and then reach the conclusion
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:31:24 AM): Corking your bat doesn't even help
Triple ACE 444 (5:32:08 AM): It helps bat speed
Triple ACE 444 (5:32:13 AM): Generate bat speed*
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:31:46 AM): They did a study on it
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:31:51 AM): I'll see if I can find it
Triple ACE 444 (5:32:35 AM): The more bat speed you have, the longer the ball will go if you make solid contact
Triple ACE 444 (5:32:51 AM): It doesn't do much but cork does something
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:32:53 AM): In a recent interview with the American Journal of Print, Adair explained his position. 
"The collision with a well-hit ball takes about 1/2,000 of a second, and that's not enough time for [any foreign substance] in the bat to contribute," said Adair. "Basically the added material does nothing. It's a superstition that doesn't do anything, in fact. It adds the worst kind of weight. A heavy bat, where some of that weight is superballs, doesn't do any good. The collision takes place too fast for the balls to do any good, so that's a negative."
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:32:55 AM):
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:33:28 AM): Adair goes on to explain how cheating isn't really necessary and how players could get a similar effect without resorting to corking. 
"You could choke up 3/4 of an inch. You could basically saw off 1/4 of an inch so you have a shorter bat, or you could put the bat in a lathe and take 1/16 of an inch off the barrel. You could do it legally."
Triple ACE 444 (5:34:38 AM): Taking wood out out and putting something lighter should does sound to make the bat lighter to me
Triple ACE 444 (5:34:45 AM): Sure*
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:34:30 AM): As that scientist mentioned, however, the material does nothing
Triple ACE 444 (5:35:06 AM): I will still read this article though
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:34:43 AM): "The collision with a well-hit ball takes about 1/2,000 of a second, and that's not enough time for [any foreign substance] in the bat to contribute," said Adair.
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:36:28 AM): Here's another one
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:36:29 AM):
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:36:57 AM): Secondly, the cork hurts you. It would take a little speed and distance off your hit. Why? Well, the springiness of the cork cannot store energy from the pitch, because it takes too much time. A ball smooches a bat for about millisecond, a thousandth of a second. That's all the time you get to direct a hit.
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:37:24 AM): The natural frequency of wooden bats is around 250 cycles per second, or 250 Hertz. Because the ball leaves the bat so soon (a millisecond), the energy transfer to the ball is not too efficient. If the bat has been hollowed and corked, it's no longer as stiff, and it will get an even lower natural frequency and an even less efficient transfer of energy to the bat. The baseball bounces off the bat, faster than the cork can store the energy that could be put back in the ball. The cork might deaden the sound of a hollowed out bat, but it doesn't propel the ball. It can't. So, balls hit with corked bats don't go as far.
Triple ACE 444 (5:39:03 AM): Some players think it helps and some dont
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:38:39 AM): And players are not scientists who have done extensive research on it
Triple ACE 444 (5:39:45 AM): But they have played the game, assumably with a corked bat and have experienced what it has done to them
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:39:42 AM): I don't know about you, but when it comes to determining whether or not a corked bat helps, I'll trust the guy who knows physics and has a degree, as opposed to the guy who plays caveman with a stick
Triple ACE 444 (5:42:01 AM): I will trust the  guys who have just as much experience in the game as the people do that haven't played the game at a profession level
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:42:02 AM): You're going to trust players who have knowingly deceived you since the late-1980's?
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:42:10 AM): The guys who can't even properly cork their bats?
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:42:23 AM): The guys who throw temper tantrums like three-year-olds when things don't go their way?
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:42:27 AM): You want intellectual advice from them?
Triple ACE 444 (5:43:57 AM): Not really but, they have played the game with it and know what it is like while the scientists are doing it based on assumption as they haven't played the game to test out there hypothesis
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:43:43 AM): They have to "play the game" to test out their hypotheses
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:43:52 AM): They don't do it vigorously or as religiously
Triple ACE 444 (5:44:40 AM): Have the scientists tested this to see if the cork really does help or doesn't help?
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:44:17 AM): Yes, hence the two articles I quoted
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:44:27 AM): And it's also simple physics that you really don't need to test, but they have
Triple ACE 444 (5:45:12 AM): It might just be that they sucked to begin with
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:45:03 AM): Read the articles and pay attention to how they explain the physics of it
Triple ACE 444 (5:45:40 AM): Thats why I would agree with the players who have talent (or else they wopuldn't be in MLB) and have done this for themselves
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:45:07 AM): Energy transfer
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:45:25 AM): The collision with a well-hit ball takes about 1/2,000 of a second, and that's not enough time for [any foreign substance] in the bat to contribute," said Adair.
Triple ACE 444 (5:46:11 AM): I read that article
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:46:00 AM): You think baseball players know that the collision between their bat and the baseball takes 1/2,000 of a second?
Triple ACE 444 (5:46:56 AM): No but, they would no if the ball goes farther or not
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:46:31 AM): That's a subjective opinion though
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:46:56 AM): You've heard of "the placebo effect" right?
Triple ACE 444 (5:47:39 AM): No I have not
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:47:15 AM):
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:47:33 AM): That could be a factor in why some ballplayers think corking their bat helps
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:47:51 AM): I'd love to do a Placebo experiment with some ballplayers
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:48:09 AM): Give them swings with two bats, tell them one is corked, and to identify which one is corked
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:48:37 AM): In reality, we cork neither of them -- we just expose the fallibility of the human mind
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:48:44 AM): (Yet again)
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:49:24 AM): Anyway, I'm getting tired (almost 6 AM here)
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:49:33 AM): Thanks for the intriguing discussion
Triple ACE 444 (5:50:21 AM): Almost 5 for me, Yes, I have learned a bit of information myself
Triple ACE 444 (5:50:36 AM): Maybe we'll chat again later on
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:50:04 AM): Definitely
Triple ACE 444 (5:50:55 AM): Alright, see you later
UltraMegaOK1988 (5:50:20 AM): Mind if I post this conversation at TSL? I think it would be interesting and educational
Triple ACE 444 (5:51:06 AM): Sure thing
Triple ACE 444 (5:51:18 AM): It is definitely a long one