Phillies Phirst Week Analysis

After a somewhat disappointing 4-3 start, there have been an equal amount of thumbs up and thumbs down on the Phils' first week.
Starting Rotation
- With the preseason injury to Vicente Padilla, there were a lot of question marks regarding the Phils' starting rotation, especially with youngster Gavin Floyd filling in, but the rotation has panned out nicely sans Padilla. Like second base, there will be an overflow problem once Padilla comes off the DL. Gavin Floyd will most likely be the odd man out, and be sent back down to AAA much to the dismay of Phillies fans.
Pat Burrell
- After two shaky seasons, it is not only good for the team that Burrell bounce back, but good to Burrell himself, as well. Who knows what kind of mental spiral he could have gone into if he never rediscovered his swing. But, fortunately, Pat "The Bat" has deservingly earned his nickname thus far. Even though he is off on a torrid pace, he will undoubtedly slow down, so it is important that he maintain consistency when he does: no 0-25 slumps, no pulling off on every pitch, and a cutdown on his strikeouts. Like Thome, Burrell is a critical piece to the Phillies' offense. Currently, Burrell is 6th in the MLB in batting average (.448), tied for first (Troy Glaus) in homeruns (4), and first in RBI (17).
- The Phils' healthy bullpen was the most highly touted aspect of the team headed into the 2005 regular season, and they have been responsible for all three of the Phils' losses: the latter two in the Washington series, and the first game of the St. Louis series.
- Also supposed to be one of the Phillies' strengths, they have averaged almost 2 errors per game. In order for pitchers like Jon Lieber and Cory Lidle to succeed in the bandbox that is Citizens Bank Park, the defense must play consistently day in and day out.
Jim Thome
- While this slugger's slow start is typical for him, it is absolutely critical for him to heat up soon because Burrell can't be on fire forever. Jim Thome is the hinge the Philadelphia offense hinges on.

2005 Regular Season

Date Opponent
Tues. 4/4
Washington Nationals 4, Philadelphia Phillies 8
Wed. 4/6
Washington Nationals 7, Philadelphia Phillies 3
Thurs. 4/7
Washington Nationals 5, Philadelphia Phillies 4
Fri. 4/8
Philadelphia Phillies 5, St. Louis Cardinals 6
Sat. 4/9
Philadelphia Phillies 10, St. Louis Cardinals 4
Sun. 4/10
Philadelphia Phillies 13, St. Louis Cardinals 4
Mon. 4/11
Philadelphia Phillies 4, Flordia Marlins 1
Tues. 4/12
Philadelphia Phillies @ Florida Marlins